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Out in the Dark, Poetry of the First World War in context and with basic notes

Out in the Dark, Poetry of the First World War in context and with basic notes

Out in the Dark
Poetry of the First World War, in Context and with Basic Notes
Edited by David Roberts


The most important poems and poets of the First World War, and other poets of special interest, with women poets particularly well represented. The most celebrated poets – including Wilfred Owen, Siegfried Sassoon and Isaac Rosenberg – have been given whole chapters. Their work has been arranged in date order so that the development of their ideas and techniques may be appreciated.

Comments of past and present day critics, and basic explanatory notes on unusual expressions and vocabulary make this poignant anthology especially valuable for students. Extracts from poets’ diaries and letters, historical and biographical notes, fascinating photographs and drawings give further insights into the lives, experience and thinking of the poets.


I cannot recommend this book enough. . . I'm currently studying A Level English Literature & my teacher has actually used this book for reference. What else can I say, I think it's fantastic and is going to help my studies so much!” - Amazon Reviewer.

I loved this book. . . This would be great if you need a book to help you with A levels or degree level, but it can still be enjoyed at a lower level or like me for general interest.” from Amazon review by Hazel.

By far the most useful anthology for students; it is really well designed, and gives students just the context they need for the poetry.” — Felicity Currie, university lecturer, former assistant chief examiner in A level English Literature.

192 pages 9"x 6" Paperback

ISBN 978-0-9528969-1-3 Saxon Books

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