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Cockerels and Vultures

The classic remembrance poems and much more

Poignant poems of experience of the First World War from the French perspective

 Cockerels and Vultures French war poetry book cover

Cockerels and Vultures, Poems of the First World War

The rediscovered poems of Albert-Paul Granier

Albert-Paul Granier (1888-1917) was called to fight for France in 1914. He was a talented sportsman, musician and poet who had become a solicitor before the war.

He recorded the impact of his experiences in his poetry. A volume of his war poems was published to acclaim about the time of his death in 1917, but then was lost to view for 90 years until a small volume of his poems, which he had called Cockerels and Vultures, was discovered in a jumble sale in France in 2008.

His evocative and heartfelt poems have been translated by Ian Higgins.

Cockerels and Vultures

90 pages  7.5"x5"  Paperback

ISBN 978-0-9528969-7-5   £9.95 (UK) Now £4.00 (UK)

Published by Saxon Books

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