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Kosovo War Poetry

The classic remembrance poems and much more

Insight into this little understood war

Kosovo war poetry book cover

Kosovo War Poetry by David Roberts

What the Kosovo war was about
Kosovo is the Serbs’ ancient homeland (as the 600-year-old Christian churches testify). Serbs and Albanians lived in relative harmony for many decades, in the Kosovo region of Serbia, until a little before 1999 when violent extremists agitated for Albanians to be independent of Serbia.
Inter-ethnic violence broke out and NATO countries, allegedly in support of the Albanian separatists, in a clear act of aggression, bombed Serb civilian infrastructure and just a few military targets.

This bombing inflicted massive and long-term economic damage and caused great social distress.

What the poems are about

The poetry, in very accessible language, explores the human, military and philosophical dimensions.  Includes the widely studied  Pilot’s Testament. 

Kosovo War Poetry
60 pages   Paperback   7” x 4.5”    
ISBN 0952 8969 2 3      Saxon Books

£4.99 Now only £1.00 (UK only)

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