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French Poems of the Great War

The classic remembrance poems and much more

Impressive poems, by French war poets, comparable with English

French Poems of First World war book cover

French Poems of the Great War
An anthology of the most significant French poems and poets of the First World War translated into English by Ian Higgins.

The varied and powerful body of French poetry of the First world war is comparable with that of English speaking writers, yet almost none of it is known outside of France. Now, with the sensitive and deeply considered translations by Ian Higgins this important gap in the cultural awareness of much of the English-speaking world may begin to be addressed.

102 poems by 27 poets. French Poems of the Great War, translated by Ian Higgins. With notes on the poems and poets.

180 pages paperback  9"x6"

ISBN 978-0-9528969-9-9

£11.95 (UK) Now £5.00 (UK)
Published by Saxon Books

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