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Falklands War Poetry

The classic remembrance poems and much more

The voices of those who lived and suffered the Falklands War

Falklands war poetry book cover

Falklands War Poetry Edited by David Roberts

Poetry from the Falklands War of 1982 by those who fought to defend or attack the islands and those who lived there.

A powerful insight into what happened and the little known and seldom reported  lingering trauma suffered by servicemen.

Fascinating, moving and important poems.

Modern war poets who deserve to be heard.
An exceptional poetry book, wide-ranging in its explorations


  • British soldiers and sailors tell of their extraordinary experiences as they battled to win the war.

  • We learn in frank detail of the traumatic effects of the war on many soldiers.

  • Soldiers’ wives tell of the lingering effects of the war on their families.

  • We hear from a fourth generation Falkland Islander who expresses her appreciation and affection for the islands, and gratitude for the courage and sacrifice of those who fought to save the islands.

  • From Argentina, we hear from two soldiers and civilian  writers  

Edited by David Roberts

130 pages    Hardback book    8"x 5" approx.    
ISBN 978-0-952 8969-5-1
Saxon Books  £14.99 (UK) Now £6.00 (UK only)

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